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December 2, 2013
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Unique for the look and taste, mangosteen can be revered as "the queen" of exotic fresh fruits, especially in the South-East Asian regions. This exotic, circular, purple color good fresh fruit is quite well-known for its snow-white, juicy, delicious arils all over the parts of asia, as well as in the last few years by the European and United states good fresh fruit fans also!

Botanically, it's the fruit of the category of Clusiaceae, into the genus: Garcinia. Scientific name: Garcinia mangostana. Known as "Mangkhud" in Thai, Thailand is the largest producer and exporter of mangosteens.

Purple mangosteen.
(Garcinia Mangostana).
Note deep purple shade fresh fruit with light-green calyx.
Fruits and veggies on the market. Picture courtesy:

Mangosteen plant is an evergreen, erect tree achieving about 20- 60 ft high. It commonly within tropical rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines along with some cultivated orchards in Sri Lanka, and India, where yearly precipitation and general moisture tend to be favorable for its growth. Fresh purple fresh fruits can be available in the areas from June until October.

Each tree holds a number of deep purple, round formed fresh fruits capped with light-green calyx during the stem-end. Entirely matured good fresh fruit actions about 3-7 cm in diameter. Its outer tough skin is approximately 7-12 mm thick which contains sour yellow exudate that stains garments black.

mangosteensInternally; the good fresh fruit features 4 to 10 delicious, snow-white, smooth, fleshy, triangular segments like in . Each segment may carry 1-4 off-white coloured seeds. Seeds tend to be inedible and bitter in taste. The flavor for the fruit can be described as nice, mildy tangy, fragrant, and tasty.

Lemon-drop, and African mangosteens (Imbe). The fruits are smaller compared to purple people.
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Different types of Garcinia genus tend to be cultivated all around the Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America all over the exotic gear. Cherapu or Button mangosteen (Garcinia prainiana) is indigenous to Malaysia. It features notably level, mandarin orange-like shape with thin rind which can be peeled quite easily yourself, again as with oranges.

Lemon fall mangosteens (Garcinia madruno) are small size (2-4 cm diameter) fruits, indigenous to Malayan peninsula.

African mangosteen or Imbe (Garcinia livingstonei) is indigenous to West Africa. They are slightly bigger than lemon drop type.

Health benefits of mangosteen

  • Delicious and juicy, mangosteen is one of the popular exotic fresh fruits. It comprises of an extraordinary set of important nourishment which are needed for regular development and development and general health wellbeing.
  • lemon-drop mangosteens and african mangosteensIt is reasonably lower in calories (63 calories per 100 g) and contains no fatty foods or cholesterol levels. Nevertheless, it's abundant with soluble fbre (100 g provides about 13percent of RDA).
  • Mangosteen is great supply of vitamin C and offers about 12per cent of RDA per 100 g. Vitamin-C is a powerful water-soluble anti-oxidant. Use of fruits high in vitamin-C helps body develop weight against viral-flu which help scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free-radicals.
  • Fruit is a moderate way to obtain B-complex nutrients like thiamin, niacin and folates. These nutrients are acting as cofactors the help human anatomy metabolize carbs, necessary protein, and fats.
  • Further, additionally includes a good number of minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. Potassium is an important element of mobile and the body fluids and assists get a handle on heartbeat, and blood circulation pressure, thus, it offers defense against stroke and cardiovascular system diseases.

Selection and Storage

Mangosteens is readily available fresh during summertime. Completely matured, deep purple shade fresh fruits are either acquired manually or using hook-and-basket technique like in mangoes, carefully managing without damaging all of them. Injury to external epidermis results in percolation of bitter-latex to the delicious skin switching the entire good fresh fruit bitter and inedible.

Mangosteen is currently easily available inside supermarkets across the united states of america. While purchasing, choose fruits that feel heavy available with fast green calyx during the stem-end, and clean, brilliant purple external area because they signal fresh arrival from eastern Asian orchards. Avoid those showing up dried out and blotched skins because they may suggest old stock.

Home, ready fresh fruits must be put into cool well-ventilated location where they keep really for approximately two weeks. For longer keeping high quality shop them inside refrigerator.

Prep and Serving guidelines

Clean fruit in liquid to remove surface dust. Fruit has actually a thick soft rind, quite like in but thicker in size. In general, the good fresh fruit is scored through skin around an equatorial circumferential manner making use of a paring knife, and its upper one half pulled up gently with the thumb to expose delicious, snow-white arils around.

Prolonged exposure to hot circumstances could cause its outer skin dried out, brittle and could present problems whilst peeling its rind.

Inside of the mangosteen. Note for the snow-white sections (arils).

Here are some helping ideas:

  • Fresh mangosteens tend to be perfectly delicious. Enjoy particularly this unique delicious good fresh fruit on it's own without the additions.

  • The fruit portions complement really along with other fruit parts like, , , etc.

  • Mangosteen liquid is extremely tasty thirst quenching cool beverage to beat summer heat.

  • Mangosteen clafouti ready using corn-flour and coconut milk is a tasty dessert.
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