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March 14, 2021
How Garcinia Cambogia is

Cover imageMicroencapsulation is an enduring technology for defense and monitored release of food ingredients. The Garcinia cowa fresh fruit rinds are wealthy way to obtain (−)-hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is reported having various health advantages. But, HCA is hygroscopic in general and thermally painful and sensitive. For This Reason, G. cowa good fresh fruit plant was microencapsulated making use of three different wall materials such as whey necessary protein isolate (WPI), maltodextrin (MD) and mix of whey protein isolate and maltodextrin (WPI + MD in 1:1 proportion) by freeze-drying at 30per cent concentration. The microencapsulated powders had been examined for his or her effect on bread quality and free HCA concentration. The microcapsules exhibited larger particle dimensions array of 15–100 μm and HPLC evaluation indicated that all the three encapsulates yielded higher no-cost (above 85per cent) and web (above 90%) HCA recovery. Furthermore, loaves of bread with WPI encapsulates displayed higher amount, softer crumb texture, desirable colour and sensory attributes along with higher no-cost HCA focus. This indicated that WPI has actually excellent encapsulation performance than many other two wall materials during bread baking.


► Garcinia cowa fruit plant was microencapsulated using freeze drying strategy. ► Encapsulates yielded higher no-cost (above 85percent) and net (above 90percent) HCA data recovery. ► breads with whey protein isolate encapsulates displayed much better qualitative faculties. ► Whey protein isolate as wall product yielded greater HCA retention.


  • Microencapsulation;
  • Garcinia cowa;
  • Enriched bread;
  • Freeze drying;
  • Whey necessary protein isolate;
  • Maltodextrin
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